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Automation systems have been around for years, and over that time they’ve gone through some significant changes. Like any technology, automation systems have matured to become more reliable, more robust and something that most people can understand, appreciate and would ultimately one day like to have in their own homes.

Think back to the smartphone. When it was first introduced, only the brave early adopters felt comfortable using the gadget, but as time went on and the functionality of the smartphone improved, it went from a cool novelty to a necessity. Home automation is follow- ing a similar path, albeit one that’s much longer and littered with a few more obstacles along the way. Manufacturers as well as custom electronics professionals have learned which features resonate with consumers, and which don’t. They’ve found ways to make the systems easier to use. They’ve even streamlined, through thoughtful engineering and design, the time it takes to get a system installed.

Here are some of the technologies making a huge impact on automation today. Read more about them on the following pages.

iPads and apps
Wireless Networking
Easy Expansion
The Cloud


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