VIZIO Adds 4K Ultra HD Content to Smart TV Platform

VIZIO Internet Apps Plus is now streaming 4K content from several popular providers.


At the beginning of 2014, everyone was wondering where all of the 4K Ultra HD content was going to be coming from. Now, it’s easy to find; just turn on your TV. VIZIO is the latest company to add new 4K options to its smart TV platform, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus.

The company is planning to add three new 4K Ultra HD options, which will soon debut on VIZIO’s P-Series Ultra HD Full-Array Smart TVs. Very soon, Amazon Instant Video, UltraFlix and the kid-friendly Toon Goggles will join Netflix in delivering that 4K fix.

As an added bonus, VIZIO is also promising new picture quality enhancements for P-Series owners. Those perks should boost contrast and detail, as well as tweaking possibilities.

VIZIO’s P-Series Smart TVs feature advanced local dimming, with localized black levels and contrast, new sharpness control, and motion control support for a wider range of video and film-based sources.

VIZIO Internet Apps Plus currently offers instant, on-screen access to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video (just not the 4K version—yet), iHeartRadio, Hulu Plus, Spotify, YouTube and more. The most recent additions include Plex for organizing and streaming personal media, as well as AirCastLive, which also allows users to send videos or photos from any smartphone to the big screen.

“Whether our consumers are streaming HD content on the 2014 E- and M-Series Smart TVs, or looking to enjoy 4K Ultra HD titles on their new P-Series, we are dedicated to delivering the best entertainment options available,” said Matt McRae, VIZIO’s chief technology officer. “Picture quality is also a fundamental pillar in VIZIO’s beautifully simple experience. Committed to delivering a great picture for our consumers, we are continuously taking steps towards advanced performance to achieve a stunning, more accurate on-screen image in the home.”

VIZIO Internet Apps Plus is currently available on all P-Series Ultra HD Smart TVs, as well as VIZIO’s 2014 E-Series and M-Series. Each of those models also includes built-in WiFi and second-screen interactivity for apps like Netflix and YouTube.


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