Turn Any TV into a 3D TV with 3D Now

EH experiences this technology first hand.


If you buy any mid- to top-line model TV from a major TV maker, it will likely include 3DTV compatibility. The same goes for many home theater projectors.

But what if your client has an older plasma or LCD TV – maybe he’s still enjoying a solid 720p model – or projector, but his family wants to watch the latest 3D Blu-ray or play some 3D PlayStation games?

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A new company called 3D Now boasts the technology to make this happen, without frowning upon the thought of spending thousands on a new display. In fact, the 3D Now solution is only $299 for dealer cost.

Basically, the device takes the 3D signal via HDMI – the source must still be 3D – and converts it through its magic little box to the HDMI-connected display at the other end. “If you have ordinary four- or five-year-old technology, what do you do if they want 3D,” asks Jonathan Alexander, the man behind the technology.

The answer is what 3D Now showed at its CEDIA Expo booth, where I saw an older Optoma projector firing up a 3D game that had just been downloaded that morning from the PlayStation store, as well as an older LG 720p TV playing a FIFA World Cup 3D Blu-ray via an LG BD650.

Alexander admits the environment wasn’t totally adequate for the demos – the ambient light effected noticeable flicker on the TV (the projection setup showed much smoother) – but the 3D imagery was certainly noticeable as well, a very nice job for such a low-cost product.

As retrofit continues to dominate the installation market opportunities, 3D Now could be right in an integrator’s wheelhouse as a product offering.


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