Skype Offers Free Wi-Fi for the Holidays

Skype is offering weary holiday travelers a nice little freebie.


Apparently, you can take your Electronic House with you this season — at least part of it. If you’re spending the holidays elsewhere, you can tap into friends, family and even your home base absolutely free thanks to Skype.

For a limited time, Skype is offering free web access though third-party wireless hotspots within the Skype WiFi hotspot footprint. The offer is strictly for those in select U.S. airports, between December 21 through December 27.

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A free hour of web access should certainly make your travels slightly less painful. It also allows you to check in with loved ones via a Skype video or voice call.

Skype WiFi is available to travelers on PCs, Macs and iOS devices. Just make sure that you have the latest version of Skype. Once you’re signed in, check your wireless network connection to see if you’re in a supported hotspot.

Of course, you could also check before you leave the house, to see if the airport on your itinerary is within the eligible area.


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