Shopping Tips for New Smart TVs, 4K TVs and How to Compare TVs

Smart TVs and 4K TVs require a real hands-on experience before buying. Here are some tips to help when you go shopping.

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Smart TVs displayed in a Best Buy Store

When it’s time to buy a new TV, do you read reviews of new 4K TVs? Look at online retailer sites? Browse specification lists online? Are you one of those people who goes to a dealer showroom and asks a ton of questions, then buys the TV on Amazon?

Despite sometimes great online prices, and the wealth of reviews and other information online about every TV model, nothing replaces getting up front and personal with a prospective purchase.

An article in the new issues of Electronic House offers a number of valuable tips on what to look for in new smart TVs and 4K TVs when you’re standing in front of it in the dealer’s showroom. You can read the full article here.

Among the things to check out in a new TV are the apps (load times, ease of access), the remote, and yes, the picture quality.

While picture quality is, at least among professional reviewers, a mostly objective thing, you may prefer some aspects of a picture to others, and you can’t get a complete picture without seeing the TV in person. The sales people at the store will also be able to help with issues that online site can’t. You can’t ask a web site, for instance, how easy the stand is to assemble, but at a store you may be talking to the person who put it together.

In addition to this article, the April issue of Electronic House includes a complete buying guide to new smart TVs including a breakdown of the top 40 new TVs for 2015. See it all here.


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