LG to Show Gallery OLED TV – and It’s Not Curved!

The new 55EA8800 OLED will make its debut at IFA 2013.

Back in July, both LG and Samsung released OLED TVs with a little twist — well, more of a curve, actually. In case you haven’t been following, each of the sets comes packing a screen that has a stylish swerve to it.

According to our own Grant Clauser, both companies are curving those OLED TVs basically because it looks cool. They won’t get an argument out of us on that. However, some people just like the looks of a straight screen. For those customers, LG Electronics is introducing the 55EA8800.

The 55EA8800, also known as the Gallery OLED TV, is a new LG OLED TV that ditches the curved screen. Instead, it has an understated frame that’s completely flat. Inside that bezel, there’s a full 1080p image and the embedded 2.2-channel Canvas Speaker. It’s also wall-mountable, which is something new to the OLED TV category.

Other features include LG’s proprietary WRGB technology and a Gallery Mode for viewing digital artwork and personal photos.

“Our Gallery OLED TV comprises the perfect blend of subtle beauty, unmatched picture quality and immersive sound,” said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “Challenging the status quo, this beautifully designed and engineered product is a clear example of our ability to think beyond the ordinary and provide consumers with a differentiated experience.”

LG is planning to formally introduce the Gallery OLED at IFA 2013. The show will run from September 6-11, 2013, in Berlin, Germany. From there, the company plans to offer the 55-incher in that area sometime this month, with other markets to follow.

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