Custom TV Cabinet Transformation

Before and After Transformation


Most people have already made the move from standard definition TV to HDTV, but what if that move requires you to change a valued piece of furniture too?

That was the case with a client of Ben Marlow, who runs Booyah Technologies in Hatfield, PA. This client had an old Sony CRT TV in a large cabinet and armoire in their bedroom. While the rest of the house had already migrated to HDTVs, the homeowners had hesitated with the bedroom set because they knew they’d have to get rid of the cabinet, which they happened to like quite a bit, or go with a much smaller TV than they wanted.

Marlow took a look at the situation and proposed an interesting solution. Because replacing the cabinet was out of the question, and enlarging the TV alcove wouldn’t work, he suggested mounting a TV directly on the cabinet’s door. The couple loved the idea because it would allow them to fit a 40-inch Samsung LCD TV that was much nicer than what they were currently using.

To make this plan work, Marlow needed to do a little prep work. Because the cabinet door had a cutout for the original TV, he attached a piece of plywood on the inside of the door. The new TV could then be mounted onto the plywood, and since it the plywood was on the inside of the door and therefore slightly recessed, the TV was able to be snugly mounted.

Of course, the cabinet door was never designed to hold a 40-inch television, even a lightweight LCD TV. With the weight of the TV, the door sagged a little, so Marlow added a reinforcing Kevlar shim on the hinge side to prevent the sagging and another Kevlar shim on the other side for the door to rest on so it wouldn’t stress the hinges.

Finally, he replaced the TV’s old VCR with a new high definition cable box.

The couple loves the new TV, but they especially like the new storage space they got in the now vacated TV alcove. “They actually argued over who got the new storage,” said Marlow.

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Ben Marlow


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