Smart TVs and Web-enabled Devices to Reach 230 Million by 2014

New research says that entertainment fans will continue to seek out more bang for their buck.


It looks like a lot more people are going to be getting a lot more out of their consumer electronics. The number of web-enabled CE devices is continuing to grow. Those TVs, Blu-ray players and other electronics allow TV owners to tap into content outside of what’s available on the typical cable or satellite set-top box. Some of the most well known “apps” include Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Pandora and even YouTube.

According to a new report, consumers will continue to seek out that added content in droves. In-Stat says that we should expect 230 million web-enabled CE devices to ship by 2014. The study says that most of those devices will be bought in North America and Europe.

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“Consumer adoption of online applications, using web-enabled CE devices, will be regionalized, or in some cases, country-specific,” says Keith Nissen, a principal analyst for In-Stat. “For example, in China, there is very little licensed video entertainment content available for delivery over the Internet. In contrast, the availability of online video entertainment in Europe and North America is expected to grow substantially over the next five years. The primary markets for web-enabled CE devices will correlate to where online video is also available.”

The content available also depends on the manufacturer. For instance, Samsung owners shouldn’t be hurting for added entertainment. The company recently announced that its customers have downloaded over two million apps in under a year.

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