Zodiac Pool Systems Readies iAquaLink App for Summer

The app can control your pool and/or spa system from almost anywhere.


It’s almost pool season. However, before you start practicing your cannonballs and challenging the neighbors to a little Marco Polo, you may want to get in control — not of yourself (although that may be in order), but of your pool system. A company named Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. wants to make that a little easier, with the iAquaLink.

The iAquaLink is a system made up of pool/spa controls that work in conjunction with your home network, as well as smartphone and tablet devices. This way, you can access that pool and/or spa from anywhere at anytime. The app was officially announced last year, but now the company is offering new control options in 14 different languages.

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Of course, users will need Zodiac Pool Systems equipment, as well as a router and a web connection. All iAquaLink apps are free, however, and can work as a stand-alone control system or in conjunction with one of the company’s wall-mounted or wireless AquaLink interfaces.

That app provides access to the pool/spa temperature, associated lighting, pumps, cleaning features, and much more.

The iAquaLink is available now for iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices. The apps are free to download. However, Zodiac Pool Systems does recommend a licensed, qualified pool professional or electrician to install the iAquaLink device.


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