Xantech Opens Online Forum

Home control and A/V gurus will be on-hand in case you want to rant, rave or just have a quick question.


Xantech will be looking for feedback on its products via forum posts and polls.

Want to express your undying love or confusion for all things Xantech? The company just announced an online forum welcoming all that and more.

The new site invites users and others to share experiences and issues about Xantech products. Expect to see a few company people on there as well, which will be great for those that have questions or want to hound someone about when new products will be available for purchase.

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Sections will be available for both hardware and software products, as well as a special area for dealers.

Sounds like a typical, easy-to-use forum. Hopefully questions will be answered promptly, but it sounds like the company is also interested in getting feedback on its products. If you’ve got an opinion (and I know many of you do), get typing.


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