WL3 Software Lets You Monitor HAI Control System from the Web

The WL3 add-in for Windows Home Server gives you access to adjust and control settings in your HAI Home Control System from web browsers, including iPhone 2.0.

hai wl3

HAI settings on your iPhone

Home control at your fingertips — now that’s convenience. If you’re on the road and can monitor and change settings on your home control system from the interface of that hot new iPhone you just bought, that’s even greater convenience.

With the WL3 software just introduced by HAI (Home Automation Inc.), you can control things on your HAI Home Control System from iPhone 2.0, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and other devices that have a web browser.

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The WL3 for Windows Home Server — a central server that organizes and stores your digital media — lets you manage and adjust settings for things like thermostats, lights, security and other controlled devices in your house, plus you can view or manually configure supported IP cameras.

Any of the recorded videos or snapshots from your IP cameras can be viewed when you log into WL3, either from home or from the Internet, and you can do actions such as play, pause or stop the video stream.

WL3 for Windows Home Server also lets you customize and personalize your user interface with different graphics and color schemes, and you can add RSS feeds to customize the data you receive. So the next time you’re on vacation and your iPhone tells you about the sub-zero cold spell hitting back home, just hop onto WL3 and crank up the thermostat.


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