Wink Relay Replaces Light Switch with Smart Home Controls

The company has debuted a new control pad, along with updates for the Wink app.

Back in the summer, Wink announced plans to launch 60 products for the budding smart home. The latest in the lineup is the Wink Relay — and it’s a pretty big deal.

The Relay is a 4.3-inch multi-touch LCD touchscreen and control pad for your Wink system. It’s also insanely easy to install.

It’s actually designed to replace a light switch. If you have one of those to spare, you can put in this Wi-Fi-connected control pad, which can interact with more than 100 products from 15 different brands. It connects with everything from bulbs and garage door openers to items that are compatible with the Wink Hub.

Since your smartphone isn’t always available, the Relay allows for another, more permanent way for controlling and monitoring your home.

Other Wink Relay features include built-in infrared proximity sensors, temperature and humidity readings, and a built-in mic and speaker system. The latter means you can even relay voice messages through the Relay. The company has additional plans for those sensors, saying they will eventually be able to recognize individual users and respond to personal settings.

Also worth mentioning is that Wink has updated its app for iOS and Android devices. There’s a new home screen, new lighting controls, and of course, support for the Wink Relay. The company is also adding support for products from Gilmour, Linear LLC, and Nest Labs.

Wink is now taking pre-orders for the Relay, which is priced at $300. Currently, there’s no word on when the controller will start shipping.

Introducing Relay from Wink App on Vimeo.

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