Windows SideShow Comes to Crestron Controllers

Crestron's touchpanels and controllers let you view your Windows SideShow information like news feeds, sports scores, stock info and weather.

crestron controllers

Crestron controllers can show you SideShow info

Ah, the wonderful world of widgets and web-fed information. Now coming to your home automation system straight to the touchpanels and systems of Crestron, which has announced support for Windows SideShow.

SideShow’s the great Windows tool available from Vista editions that gives access to content such as news feeds, sports scores, stock tickers, weather alerts, media guides, appointment notifications, flight reservations, email messages and more via a network connection to your PC.

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This always alert world of SideShow content can be viewed on all Crestron touchpanels and two-way devices that can show dynamic text, like the company’s APAD wall-mount controller and MLX-2 handheld remote.

Your PC or laptop doesn’t have to be on to receive the info, because SideShow supports secondary display screens to view it, and Crestron supports through its SIMPL Windows program to route the data to its touchpanels and controllers.

Just another way home automation is working to keep you uber-connected!


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