Windows Home Server Too Hot for Shelves

High demand for the newly-released Windows Home Server means bare-shelved distributors.

Rumor has it the fresh-out-of-the-gate Windows Home Server is selling well. Really well. So well, in fact, many distributors are finding themselves in short supply. Check out this article to read a nice little article about the state of WHS supply with a few distributors.

Skeptics might suggest that the short supply is simply due to conservative initial production, but I believe Microsoft is benefiting from some decent marketing and plenty of online hype. I know I am guilty of contributing to the latter! It doesn’t hurt to initiate a competition for the best DIY (as in, “Develop-It-Yourself”) WHS Add-In to emphasize the high customization ceiling of the server operating system. I’ll admit – I wasn’t always a believer. I may just be coming around…


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