Wi-Fi Alliance Tests 802.11n Products

The Wi-Fi Alliance has begun testing for interoperability of the latest Wi-Fi products using the 802.11n standard.

Apple Airport Extreme

Apple's AirPort Extreme was one of the first 802.11n products. Next generation 802.11n devices will arrive later this summer.

Ah, yes – there’s nothing like emerging technologies and standards to prompt a person to rush out and purchase all the latest and greatest gadgets. I wonder how many of you took the early plunge despite Electronic House’s earlier warnings on buying 802.11n draft 1.0 versions of the next-gen Wi-Fi products? For those who wisely waited, you’ll be happy to know that the Wi-Fi Alliance has started testing for interoperability among the draft 2.0 products. Certified (key word) products are due in stores by the end of the summer.

With five times the throughput and twice the range of previous standards, as well as backwards compatibility and a nice long list of Alliance members, the latest standard and all the products using it will no doubt augment the digital home experience. I spent some time browsing the list of Wi-Fi Alliance members at www.wi-fi.org. It’s a nice long train. And every one of them gets along … or at least their Wi-Fi products do.

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