What We Want from the iPad 3

With Apple's announcement looming, we take a peek at what could be (and should be) possible with the new iPad.


Recently, Apple sent out an invite for an upcoming press event. Within seconds, the web was buzzing with assumptions about a new and improved iPad. Would it have a better processor? Better camera capabilities? The ability to shoot fire?

While the latter may sound cool, it’s probably safe to say that’s not going to happen. That said, there are plenty of rumors circulating. While all should be answered at the March 7 press event, here’s a look at some of the more plausible predictions for the iPad 3, as well as what we would love to see inside the new tablet.

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A better resolution. This is something we can all agree on. If the rumors are correct, the iPad 3 will deliver some seriously eye-popping images. According to CNET, we will be looking at (literally) a tablet with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, which is double what the current iPad can produce. It could also mean more, cooler graphics for home control — or just for those using the iPad for video and gaming.

3D. We can safely assume that Apple isn’t going to gamble and include 3D on the next iPad. That said, we can dream, can’t we? It didn’t really send consumers scrambling for Nintendo’s 3DS. However, it could be the shot in the arm that 3D needs to take off and get accepted by the masses.

A better camera. This is another feature that appears to be a lock. The iPhone 4S came out with an 8-megapixel camera, so we can assume (and hope) that the new iPad will receive the same courtesy. (The existing iPad 2 doesn’t even specify, just highlighting the 720p capabilities of the back-facing camera.)

Better sound. Even CVS sells iPad and iPhone docks. Wouldn’t it be nice if Apple would cut out the middleman and include better sound right inside the package?

Say hello to Siri. If you have the iPhone 4S, you know just how much fun Siri can be. It could also be an insanely fun, useful feature for those using the iPad for home control.

What’s in a name? We aren’t attached to the name “iPad 3″ — and that’s a good thing. According to Slash Gear, Griffin Technology is ready to roll out a series of accessories for the new tablet, and they’re calling it the iPad HD. The name change is certainly not something we want or need, but we do like “HD” added to just about anything.

A lower price. Stop laughing. It would be nice if Apple could create something to compete with the NOOK and Kindle Fire tablet. That said, it looks like the iPad 3 will be as expensive as ever, and will probably keep its $499 starting price. There are rumors that Apple will create some type of 8GB tablet to compete with the NOOK and Kindle models. Of course, anything is possible, but don’t hold your breath. That said, you can probably expect the price on the iPad 2 to drop — or drop even more, since we’ve already seen $50 discounts here and there.

So why so secretive? Well, why not! It seems to be working for Apple so far. We’re just hope that all will be answered next week.


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