Webinar Recap: Debunking the Myths, Getting Started With Home Controls

Webcast originally aired Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Electronic House Live and Control4 presented Debunking the Myths: Getting Started With Home Controls, a webcast which originally aired Tuesday, April 6, 2010.

Imagine seamless integration of all electronics and systems throughout your house. Just one remote can easily control everything that’s important to you- whether it’s your door locks, lights, your temperature and energy controls, or even your audio/video system. With home controls you can customize your surroundings easily and efficiently to suit your every need with a touch of a button. What’s great about integrating a home control system is that you can get in with a small budget and expand as you go, and it doesn’t matter whether your home is 1 or 100 years old.

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Sounds too good to be true? Think again! Home control systems are scalable solutions that can fit any size home, just about any application, type of construction, or lifestyle. Home control systems are modular, efficient, convenient and affordable. What it can do, how they work, and where you want to go with it – that’s all up to you.

Experts from Control4 and Electronic House will got acquainted with home control basics and explained some common and not-so-common applications that people just like you are doing with their home control systems today.

View the original webcast here.

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