WeatherHawk Shows 600 Series Weather Station

The company is putting a high-tech twist into its latest home weather station.


A lot of people look outside to get the weather. However, WeatherHawk is adding a high-tech twist to the forecast, with its newly announced Series 600 Home Weather Station.

Designed specifically for home automation and control applications, the 600 Series WeatherHawk can measure and record wind speed and direction, air temps and relative humidity, barometric pressure and solar radiation, and even precipitation. It’s like having a live-in meteorologist.

A little something new for this series is that when the 600 measures that precipitation, it can differentiate between rain and snow. It also has a new fan aspirated temperature/RH cavity, promising better measurements and accuracy.

The 600 Series also features all solid state sensor technology, which includes a high resolution 24GHz Doppler Radar for precipitation measurements, as well as a heating element to keep the unit free from ice and snow.

However, the 600 Series doesn’t just let you know whether or not it’s sweater weather. It has alarm triggers that can control irrigation systems, as well as awnings, storm shutters, fountains and water features, window coverings, and much more.

All WeatherHawk weather stations work with a full range of interfaces, including IP, RS-232, RS-485, MODBUS, and wireless, as well as a range of OEM-written and supported drivers from AMX, Control4, Crestron, Savant, Vantage Controls, and PC/MAC display software. A new iPhone app, WeatherHawk Mobile, also just made its debut.

Boasting easy installation and maintenance, WeatherHawk says that the 600 Series can function all the way down to -50 degrees Celsius.


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