Wayne-Dalton Rides Z-Wave with New Offerings

Previously banished to the garage, the manufacturer is trying to break into other areas of the home.


Wayne-Dalton currently offers a few Z-Wave-enabled controllers on its website.

Wayne-Dalton may have mastered the art of garage door openers, but how will they do with the rest of the home? Instead of trying to put out ordinary lighting and other home components, the company has jumped on the Z-Wave bandwagon.

The first announcement was for a new line of Z-Wave-enabled in-wall dimmers and switches. Each is compatible with all lighting types, including incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting types in two-, three- and four-way applications.

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Lighting is nothing new for the Z-Wave camp, but it’s nice to see some A/V products in the mix as well. The company also announced three entertainment offerings: the Solo and the Series Three Server, and the Theater Client.

The Solo is a single box (duh) that combines a DVD player, a CD player and a digital video recorder. It’s also got plenty of inputs for external devices, including home controls as well as web interface functions. There’s no word on the exact amount of storage, although Wayne-Dalton says that the changer can hold 150 DVDs, 775 hours of DVD-quality TV, 140,000 songs and one million pictures.

On the control side, the Series Three Server manages all of your A/V, but entices with lighting, climate and other appliance control as well. It also ups the storage options of the Solo, offering a changer for 550 DVDs and storage for 3,000 hours of DVD-quality TV, 600,000 songs and four million pictures.

Last in the new line is the Theater Client, a system extender with an interface for TV movies, music, pictures and the web.

No pricing? No other details? What a tease. Hopefully information will be available on Wayne-Dalton’s website soon.


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