Watt Stopper Announces New Sensors

Vacancy/occupancy sensors allow for affordable lighting control throughout the entire house.


My husband loves leaving lights on. The problem is: I usually discover it a minimum of three hours later. Instead of hoping he’ll remember next time, I’m thinking about having him install one of Watt Stopper/Legrand’s new vacancy and occupancy sensors.

The sensors are designed to turn off lights left on in empty rooms, which conserves energy and saves us some money.

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Just install a sensor anywhere you usually have a light switch. With vacancy sensors, users press the button to turn lights on; with occupancy sensors lights turn on automatically when someone enters the room.

Now if Watt Stopper could only design one that would close the fridge door…

  • Replaces standard wall switches
  • Vacancy sensors turn on with a button-press
  • Occupancy sensors turn on automatically
  • Includes nightlight feature

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