Video: How to Automate Your Halloween Display

One Geek Squad agent explains how to make that holiday display more high-tech.


Earlier this week, we saw one man’s automated Halloween display take the web by storm. Now, you too can become an Internet sensation — or at least a neighborhood sensation.

Derek Meister, an agent for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, recently popped up on a Fox affiliate (via Dailymotion) to explain how to do your own high-tech Halloween display.

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Besides introducing us to his inspiration (his mom), Meister also introduced us to a few products that can add a tech twist to any holiday display. While we’ve seen a lot of automated extravaganzas use Light-O-Rama products, Meister does offer up a few new (but similar) suggestions.

Although the Geek Squad doesn’t offer such professional services (yet), Meister does deliver a nice in-studio demo in the video below.


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