VidaBox Ships iPad Air Frames and Accessories

The new mounts and charging solutions start at under $100.

A lot of people use the iPad as a method of home control. VidaBox is making it easy to get the newer iPad Air into that mix, with a crop of on-wall frames.

The company just started shipping new iPad Air on-wall frames, in seven colors and finishes. Those color options makes it easy to blend the iPad Air into any environment. Also, don’t think that someone will just walk up and pop that pricey portable out of its new nesting place. VidaBox has included theft deterrence, as well as a vCharger and matching power supply. The latter allows users to keep the iPad charged up via a single Cat5 cable, so it’s ready to roam at a moment’s notice.

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“The integration possibilities are endless when our frames and chargers are added to any iPad,” said Steven Cheung, president of VidaBox LLC. “For residential setups, we can provide the ultimate touchscreen interface for any multiroom audio, control, or automation system that is far less costly than your typical, application-specific, dedicated touchscreens.”

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum in the USA, the new iPad Air frames can be mounted in portrait or landscape modes. Each one is also compatible with add-ons like the vCharger and the iPad Air Home Button Blocker.

VidaBox is selling the iPad Air frames, vChargers, and its matching power supply now, starting at $99.99 each. The iPad Air Home Button Blockers will be available sometime later this month.

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