Vantage Plans Equinox 4 LCD Keypad for November

The single-gang touch keypad promises simple, user-friendly controls.


The Equinox 7-UX should be coming by the end of 2012.

Lighting control should be a lot more exciting than an on/off switch. Vantage Controls is putting a little style into the process, with the newly announced Equinox 4 LCD Keypad.

The Equinox 4 will be the first product for the company’s new line of easy-to-use in-wall LCD luxury keypads. It promises all of the advantages of a full-sized touchscreen in a single-gang LCD keypad. Besides the option to control lighting, the Equinox 4 can also tap into climate functions and audio systems.

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It also boasts easy use. Featuring an “always on” design, the keypad senses presence and wakes up with a simple gesture. It also has two tactile buttons and tons of functionality.

One other perk is that this product will feature the first taste of Vantage’s new User Experience Platform. The company says that the “physical and graphical aesthetic” of this initiative will ring throughout the entire Equinox line. That lineup will include the larger Equinox 7-UX in-wall touchscreen, the Equinox 4-UX, and iOS and Android apps — all of which are coming at a later date.

Vantage is also planning something called the Vantage Controls’ Energy Widget for the Equinox platform. This allows for a peek at your home’s overall energy usage, allowing users to monitor electrical, gas, and water levels in textual or graphical form.

Vantage will start selling the Equinox 4 sometime in November, with an MSRP of $500. Expect those additional Equinox models to launch later this year as well.


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