Vantage/Legrand Release Scalable “Enspire” Home Automation System

Vantage/Legrand’s new "Enspire" Home Automation System meets market demands.

Vantage/Legrand’s Enspire

The modular "Enspire" home automation system.

Vantage/Legrand, manufacturer of high-end intelligent control systems, recently released “Enspire,” their latest home control system. The Enspire is designed as a modular-based home control system, which means it can be scaled to meet the home control needs of a single room, multiple rooms, or the whole-home. Such flexibility might make the system more attractive to those budget-conscious among us who cannot splurge on the whole hog.

The Enspire will release in a number of phases. Phase I is the lighting component of the system, which will incorporate the Miro lighting control system currently available through Vantage’s sister company, Wattstopper/Legrand. Future phases of the Enspire release will address the AV, home theatre, environment controls, and distributed audio sides of a whole-home automation system.

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No current word yet on price, but one can expect it will cost a few pennies more than, say, an Insteon Lighting Control starter kit.


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