URC’s PSX-2 Is AppleTV Killer

Universal Remote’s new networked iPod dock offers an easy-to-use interface and access to their home network, including access to their iTunes content.

urc psx-2

Universal Remote Control's PSX-2

Throughout its history Universal Remote Control (URC) has earned a reputation as a quality manufacturer of OEM (original equipment manufacturer), consumer-level and custom industry remote control products.

However, with the introduction of its new PSX-2 Personal Server ($399 MRSP), the company is entering a new category that it’s never offered: product source components.

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Unlike most source components such as a DVD or CD player, the PSX-2 offers much more than media playback.

This professionally installed device can be located just about anywhere in the home. It can provide kids and adults with a state-of-the-art solution that plays back iPod content and content that’s located on a home network.

Using the company’s PSXLink software, PSX-2, owners (regardless of whether they are Apple or PC users) can utilize their computers as an entertainment server.

What makes the dock stand out when compared to Apple TV is the scope of its control capabilities and the simplicity that URC has incorporated to tap into these functions.

When used with a remote like the company’s top-of-the-line MX-6000, the dock/remote combination provides users with two-way feedback that includes song, artist and album information, as well as fast access to shuffle, playlist and other jukebox-type of features.

An added benefit of the PSX-2 is that it’s backed by a professional installer who will take care of network administration and other duties, whereas Apple TV provides the standard computer industry support, which even in Apple’s case is frustrating at best.

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