URC Offers Entry-level Professional Home Automation for Under $1,000

Audio/video, lighting, thermostats and more

URC is making it easier for folks to get a professionally-installed control system. The company is launching a new, more affordable, home control platform that uses IP for two-way control of most devices.

The new system, called ccGEN2 is less expensive than URC’s Total Control system and can easily be expanded from one room to a whole house.

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The heart of the new home automation system is the CP-1 central processor ($599). While it is IP based, it can also control IR- and serial-controlled devices plus Z-Wave wireless devices.

The system can operate audio/video devices, lighting, security products (such as surveillance cameras), thermostats and more. Users will connect with the control system via handheld remotes, iOS or Android apps, wall-mounted touchscreens and keypads.

One of the main benefits of two-way control, as opposed to one-way control like IR systems, is they can provide feedback and sync status across multiple interfaces.

Like some of the other recent entries in the home control market, URC is targeting the under $1,000 customer. These are typically customers who are adding a media room or home theater and want to add advanced control, but would like to start conservatively. A basic control system like this, rather than a universal remote, allows the home owner to expand to more functionality and more rooms easily.

While URC’s Total Control system (read about a home with Total Control here) is still the company’s premium offering, ccGEN2 will be more widely available. The two systems are not compatible however. ccGEN2 is also not compatible with the previous generation Complete Control system.

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