Toll Brothers Offers Control4 Home Automation Systems

Upgrade to a smart home along with granite countertops

When you’re shopping for a new home you expect the plumbing, electricity and sink fixtures all to be in place. But what about a home automation system? Shouldn’t we think of home automation or control as something as basic to a house as a solid roof and a laundry room?

If a Toll Brothers home is on your potentials list, then home automation will be a much easier decision. Toll Brothers, which counts itself as one of the leading builders of luxury homes, will begin offering Control4 systems to customers. The best time to select a new home automation system is during the building of the home—before all the wiring is complete and the walls are sealed up. Under a new agreement between Toll Brothers and Control4, buyers will have the option to select from several pre-configured home automation packages which will be professionally installed and customized to the user’s needs.

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The Control4 packages will cover the most commonly requested applications such as lighting control, smart thermostats, smart locks and multi-room audio/video distribution.
The base package starts at $4,000 (hardware only, installation is extra) and includes a controller, remote, basic lighting, heating & cooling.

Imagine getting the key to your new home, and at the same time firing up your iPad to start switching on lights, playing music and checking the security system.

The systems will be installed by qualified local Control4-certified professionals.

The new Control4 offerings will be available from Toll Brothers later in this quarter. Any Control4 package purchased through Toll Brothers gets worked into the final cost of the home, and therefore into the mortgage. This should also make justifying the cost of a system much easier to swallow since you’re taking up to 30 years to pay for it.

To investigate the possibilities of a control system, check out Control4′s nifty project planner.

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