Timers and Schedules Put the Auto in Home Automation

The smartest part of your smart home system is the clock.

Lighting control from Leviton.

Thermostats: Most thermostats have the ability to be programmed right from the stat itself, but many homeowners find the task easier and more convenient to accomplish through the interface (touchpanel, iPad, etc.) of a home automation system. The stat can adjust just before you wake up and again right before bedtime. When you leave for work it can adjust again then back to its comfort setting for your return.

Iris thermometer scheduling.

Motorized Shades: Learn when and where the sun streams into your house and have your home automation system adjust the motorized window shades accordingly. You can also have them raise in the bedrooms at a certain time in the morning; lower later in the day to block out the sun and readjust to your liking in the evening—whether you need them down for privacy or up for a view of the backyard.

Surveillance Cameras: Is there a babysitter or a lawn maintenance company that visits your house on a regular basis? A DVR can be set to record images from surveillance cameras on a pre-defined schedule.

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Garage Doors and Gates: Close up the house for the night by having the garage doors and gates close at a certain time. Your automation system will always remember the right time to do so.

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