The Three-Room Bathroom

Dedicated rooms for a vanity, tub and dressing area redefine "master bath."


In the mood for some pampering? Then we’ve got the room for you—or shall we say the three rooms for you. One room is the vanity, another holds the shower and tub, and a third is a dressing area to die for. There’s plenty of electronic accompaniment to help soothe and comfort as well, without ever being intrusive.

The homeowners can bathe while viewing a 26-inch Sony LCD TV, poised over the tub on a Chief mount and tilted for optimum viewing. A smaller 13-inch Sony CRT TV rises on a motorized lift in the vanity area, making for perfect viewing while shaving or primping. Music from a whole-house music system can be heard through two pairs of Sonance in-ceiling speakers in the bath and vanity areas. Different sources are selectable in the two areas via AMX audio control stations or an AMX 4-inch touchpanel.

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If that were all, this master bath would be special, but there’s so much more. In addition to various lighting scenes controlled by any of the nine LiteTouch stations in the area, custom electronics company MHS Technolo-gies programmed the LiteTouch station in the closet to control a two-tier motorized clothes carousel and unlock a magnetically locked jewelry drawer when a certain combination is entered. All the shades in the master bath are motorized and controlled by the LiteTouch system. A touch of another button turns on the heated towel rack by the tub and starts the steam.

The temperature in the bathroom is monitored by a sensor recessed and hidden in the drywall, and a remote-mounted Aprilaire thermostat keeps the area at the perfect comfort level. A telephone is always close by, with a Panasonic system phone in both the vanity and the bath area.

But with a bathroom like this, why get primped and dressed at all?


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