Geek Goes Wild in Apartment

Not willing to sacrifice for his technology, this gadget geek packed a ton of electronics into a small space.


Photo by Ampliaudio

A homeowner that loves electronics is nothing new. A homeowner that wants to take his 15-year-old Mexico City apartment to the next level of technology. Well, that can be a challenge.

While many homes use the power of hardwiring, this one relies on the Internet for day-to-day tech needs. Dish Network programming is transferred over the Web, so the user can watch TV from his cell phone or computer.

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The Web is also the homeowner’s interface for survelliance and controlling lights and blinds, via Control4′s services.

Audio and video is also present -– and partially hidden. The THX system includes Denon and B&W products. Gadgets and gaming devices, including iPods, a camcorder and an Xbox are at arms-length, when lying in bed. There is also an interface for using a laptop or desktop on the 61-inch plasma (the desktop can tap into a 15-inch LCD as well).

Another thing that can be displayed on this monitor: the contents of the 400-disc DVD changer.

Other highlights include a variety of keypads and touchpanels, motorized blinds, a “smart” toilet, and in-ceiling speakers in the bathroom that can play music from a variety of sources via the Control4 media server.


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