The Next Smart Lock is Called NextLock

The company's SmartHub and SmartFob are currently available for pre-order.

Next to Ultra HD TVs, the big thing for the home at last week’s CES was the smart lock category. Sure, the products don’t look as big or as pretty. However, they are way more affordable, with new models popping up every day.

The latest collection is coming soon from a company called NextLock. At launch, NextLock will have the SmartHub and the SmartFob.

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The SmartHub is a deadbolt smart lock, with a motion-activated camera that allows homeowners to see who’s lurking on the other side of the door. It uses Z-Wave to communicate with those visitors. It can also track history and activity, so you can keep tabs on who is stopping by and when.

Users can tap into the SmartHub from any web-enabled computer, as well as the NextLock app. This provides a place to remotely lock and unlock the door, chat with visitors, manage user credentials, and more.

NextLock is also planning to release the SmartFob, which is a universal key fob for your SmartHub. In other words, if you, your kids or anyone else who needs to get into your house doesn’t have a smartphone, you’ll want them to have a SmartFob. You may want one, too, since it can also be paired with lights, thermostats, and anything else with Z-Wave technology.

NextLock is hoping to be the next big thing and has introduced the SmartSync API and SmartKit IPK, so developers can get in on the action.

NextLock is currently taking pre-orders for the SmartHub and the SmartFob. The products are priced at $299 and $99, respectively. If you want one of each, you can also score a package price of $358.

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