The Ace of Control

When it came to technology, this golf-course-based vacation home didn't want to get caught in the sand trap.


This residence sits on the golf course on Kiawah Island, SC. For this vacation home, the owner wanted a sophisticated whole-house system that would be easy to use, but also aesthetically unobtrusive.

The homeowner wasn’t alone in wanting to hide the system; the architect, Christopher Rose, made the same request.

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The technology had to functionally support the family’s lifestyle, while respecting and protecting the design of the interior spaces.

The main challenge Encore Technology and Design encountered was that the home had already been designed and framed, making it difficult to optimize the design to hide the technology.

For instance, ventilation was an issue for the Great Room entertainment cabinet. Through a joint effort, the idea to incorporate ventilation ductwork into the top of the cabinet and mount speakers inside the ductwork was born.

In the study, the plasma TV was recessed into the wall and had a custom frame made to cover the plasma’s bezel and make it more understated. Further contributing to a minimalist aesthetic approach are in-ceiling speakers for the room’s surround-sound system. The surround sound processor is remotely located along with the Crestron control processor and audio distribution processor, completely hidden from sight. Being in the room you would hardly perceive the 5.1 surround-sound system.

The installer also opted for eight simple, identically-programmed Crestron handheld RF remote controls (instead of touchpanels) that are placed in main entertainment areas of the home and the guesthouse. Using handheld remotes instead touchpanels minimized visible technology and also kept the interface to the systems very simple.

Lighting control is very simple as well. The lighting control consists of three scenes: Outdoor Landscape, Welcome Home, and Pathway. The Lutron system used incorporates a car visor control that allows the client to activate a scene as he arrives at the home. A scene controller at the entrance also allows control of lighting scenes.


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