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Bronze Winner: Master Suite

These proud parents and their infant can sleep tight, thanks to a high-tech nursery monitoring system that’s connected to the master bedroom.

OK, so the parents may not always sleep through the night due to the occasional baby cry heard over the bedroom’s speaker system. But Mom has to know when her little one needs attending to, so a loud sound in the nursery automatically plays through the speakers in both the master bedroom and kitchen. She can also see a video camera image of the baby by peeking at the wireless Crestron touchpanel at the bedside.

Complete Home Electronics of Fraser, Colo., installed a Speco camera and microphone in the nursery, so a cry at a certain volume trips a relay in the housewide Crestron control system, which then broadcasts the commotion over the speakers and brings up the video on the touchpanel. To set the system, the parents just tap a button on a keypad as they exit the nursery.

Their older child wasn’t left out. Complete Home Electronics also set up pathway lighting from his room down the hall to the parents’ room to trigger when he presses a mom & dad button on a keypad in his room. Nighttime visits to the bathroom are also easier for everyone, as the Crestron system activates and sets the fixtures to a soft 10 percent intensity level automatically at midnight. The lights stay that way until 5 a.m., when they switch off completely.

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This comfy looking master suite in a Rocky Mountain log home may be wired for safety and security, but the Crestron system also does a good job of keeping the family entertained. The master suite features a 46-inch Sharp LED TV and two Triad InRoom Silver speakers. The system is connected to a Crestron A/V distribution processor, which permits it access to an assortment of audio and video components located elsewhere in the house. The A/V choices include his and her DVRs, as well as one for the kids. Programs recorded on any DVR can be routed to the bedroom TV and speakers. Music can travel to the room, if they prefer, as well as to four more speakers located in the nearby bath and patio.

Selection and control over the A/V distribution system is handled by a Crestron touchpanel. This panel also allows the owners to operate the home’s in-floor radiant heating system and view video from an outdoor surveillance camera—either on the screen of the touchpanel or the TV. The cameras aimed at the kids’ play area can be shifted and zoomed in via the touchpanel. Another camera functions as the owners’ virtual peephole.

When the doorbell is pressed, the Crestron system delivers a real-time view of the front porch to every touchpanel in the house and rings the telephones.

Because this is a second home, the owners can log into a secure web page to manipulate the systems, if needed. The owners also have an iPad set up, but don’t use that much for now.
Complete Home Electronics also included an automated water valve shut-off to minimize damage caused by a leaky pipe. EH


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