Summer Home Has Hundreds of Tech Goodies

This second home is packed with enough technology to keep guests entertained through those endless summer nights -- and beyond.


Some homes aren’t happy with just one cool room. This homeowner wanted it all — after all, who doesn’t? The goal was to provide a state-of-the-art integrated whole-house system that would include control of audio, video, lighting and window treatments, HVAC, radiant floor heat, security, the pool, and more.

This setup includes that and much more, including control of every system from any touchscreen throughout the home. However, the homeowners can also reach the system beyond the scope of the home’s network.

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See, this is actually a summer home, with the occasional off-season weekend visit. Instead of worrying about whether they left the heat or lights on, the homeowners wanted remote control of systems such as climate and security. It helped that custom integrators Innerspace Electronics had worked with the owners before, and knew how they liked to use technology.

Their previous experience also granted them a bit of carte blanche in their installation endeavors. The only requirement was that the theater and other home controls needed to appear as cool as their surroundings. The owners were giddy about their new geek purchases, so nothing needed to be concealed, as long as it was creative. “Technology and consumer electronics is a passion for the client,” says Barry Evan Reiner, president of Innerspace Electronics. “The system design process included many meetings to ascertain system requirements. Final equipment choices were chosen as a collaborative effort.”

The end result included control over 26 thermostat zones as well as a high-end home theater that can produce a 1080p picture and killer surround sound. The owners also wanted high-quality acoustic performance and sound isolation.

For this, Innerspace called in an acoustic consultant who was able to optimize the room by means of a proprietary computer program. The program created a paradise effect by identifying various RPG panels on the wall. These panels included absorbers and BAD panels. Also, the forward wall was acoustically designed to use the custom cabinetry as a natural diffuser.

The equipment was placed on elegantly visible racks at the back of the media room. Being that it was a new construction, Innerspace could easily choose the amount of space needed to get the job done. They even installed a climate-controlled projection booth to keep the projector running cool — and quiet.

Of course, if they want to get a little loud elsewhere, there are a total of 16 high-def flat panels all over the house, which includes in the powder room outside the home theater. This screen is also hooked into the home theater, so you can take “a break” without missing a minute of the movie.

The firm also designed, provided and installed the home’s personal computers, broadband network and a telephone/intercom system.


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