Staples Connect Adds Ambient Alerts to DIY Home Automation System

The DIY home automation system now has audio and visual notifications outside of the app.

D-Link Staples Connect Hub DIY Home Automation

There are a lot of cool gadgets for DIY home automation systems these days. However, instead of adding new gadgets and pricey options to your existing setup, Staples is making the existing Connect system a little bit smarter via ambient alerts.

The company just announced plans to add audio and visual notifications to the Connect DIY home automation system. This is something that’s outside of the Staples Connect app, through compatible devices. That basically means that the system will let you know when a door or window is left open, when the kids come home from school, and more.

Yes, you can get all of those things on your smartphone, tablet or computer. However, there are times when those portables aren’t in your pocket or readily available. (It’s true!) With these new ambient alerts, a home entertainment system can play a tone when the garage door is left open or a lighting setup can start glowing red if there’s water in the basement.

“We’re constantly improving the Staples Connect user experience, adding partners and functions that let customers make more happen with their connected homes and businesses,” said Mike Edwards, executive vice president of merchandising at Staples. “The new ambient alert updates will help make the Staples Connect system more intuitive, without being intrusive, giving users more choices on how they are notified of events at their house or office.”

The Staples Connect DIY home automation system has been available for well over a year now. According to the company, the most popular category that Staples Connect consumers are interested in is safety and monitoring. The most popular products are IP cameras, with lighting and light sensors a close second. That’s probably why Staples is planning to add more lighting soon—more specifically, LG lighting. An LG-branded wireless connected LED light bulb is expected to join over 35 existing hardware partners and close to 150 devices (including the new D-Link hub, pictured) sometime later this year.


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