Standalone Controller for Insteon Network

The ISY-26 from Universal Devices, Inc. eliminates special software and a dedicated computer from the home control equation.


The ISY-26 Insteon-compatible IP Bridge/Controller

The ISY-26 may not be a product name that will win any stickiness awards, but it appears to show promise on the function front.

Sold as an “Insteon-compatible IP Bridge/Controller,” the $299 device from Universal Devices, Inc. links to the home’s modem and network hub (cables included) and will show up on any computer in the network, allowing the homeowner to easily access and control INSTEON devices throughout the home.

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You can also access it remotely via any Java-enabled Web browser by opening the browser and typing in the ISY-26’s URL. The idea is to broaden one’s control options, rather than limiting control of the home automation network to one computer that has to stay on all the time.

Like other home controls, this one allows the user to set up alarms and notifications to be sent via email or text-message in the case of certain events (e.g. unwanted guests).

The ISY-26 is compatible with Pocket PC and Media Center PC and comes with a controller, power line modem, serial and Ethernet cables. This thing became available about two weeks ago, and there must be some demand because Insteon’s distributor, SmartHome, is currently out of stock. I guess a lot of folk want an option that lets them turn their energy-sucking computer off now and again.

Ben HardyBetween watching re-runs of the “The Jetsons” and convincing his Insteon and Z-Wave controls to get along, Ben Hardy is immersed in the world of home automation, home control, and home networking.


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