SpiderArm Delivers 3 Hands-Free Options for iPad

The new spiderArm accessory works with all three of Apple's iPad tablets.


SpiderArm sounds like something you’d get from a radioactive bug bite. However, it’s just a new iPad mounting system.

OK, it doesn’t sound as exciting, but it’s certainly convenient. Some people rely on that iPad, but just hate holding onto it all day. The new spiderArm allows users to focus both hands on other tasks, all while that iPad is suspended for hands-free use.

It does sound like there could be some superpowers at work there. However, it’s just a two-way SurfaceMount that can be mounted to any table or desk, and a three-way VersaMount for securing to a wall, cabinet or workstation. The company also has Quick Release Mounts that serve as a base for the spiderArm, so you can move the mount from the bedroom to the home office to the kitchen, all without having to install additional mounts around the house.

Promising a more comfortable iPad experience, the SpiderArm is available now for $49.99. A 3-pack of the Quick Release Mounts sells for $9.99.

“The beauty of the spiderArm mount system is that it can be customized to each user’s lifestyle and preferences,” commented Tim Henderson, inventor of the SpiderArm. “With the Quick Release Mounts being so easy to install with just two screws and so affordable, your system is now only limited by your creativity so go ahead and add a mount three feet off the ground to entertain Fido while you run errands; place one in the garage so you can watch the big sports game without interruptions; or in the kitchen so you can finally watch those cooking directions step by step and get the recipe right this time!”

Get a peek at how the SpiderArm looks at home in the video walkthrough below.


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