Special Report on Home Control/Automation: Free Download

Learn how a home control and automation system can enhance your lifestyle.

Home control has come a long way over the years, but for some reason, many people aren’t aware of it. The technology solutions have become both less complicated and less expensive than in years past, and new control systems can be integrated with just about any electric system or device in your house.

Electronic House has put together a primer to introduce you to the features and benefits of home control and automation. It breaks down the various systems and subsystems which can be managed with a control/automation system, plus some of the common use scenarios most appreciated by system owner.

Looking to build the best home automation system possible? Get expert guidance in this FREE special report, Smart Home Automation: Planning Guide for Every Budget.

Another highlight of the EH Info Series on Home Control is the section on the role of mobile products and iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad in control/automation. One of the favorite benefits of modern control systems is that they can be easily managed by portable devices such as smart phones and tablets. How does an iPad or tablet enhance the control experience? Are there more possibilities yet to be explored?

And finally, we conclude with a profile of an award-winning home installation selected by EH’s expert editorial staff. This home showcases a control system that can accomplish the usual tasks of automatically turning on lights, setting the perfect mood in the home theater, controlling the thermostat for the perfect temperature and mastering a host of audio and video options. In addition to the common tasks, this control system is also capable of drawing the perfect bath, turning on the iron when it is needed and some other custom tasks.<!–image–>


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