Sooloos Has Funny Name, Cool Touchpanel

This multiroom audio system is tucked into a shiny, interactive package.


The Sooloos system boasts audio circuitry that is based on the same designs used in professional recording studios.

The name might not roll off the tongue, but the Sooloos system can certainly rock the house — and look darn pretty while doing it.

First announced back in 2006, the Sooloos system must have had a bit of tweaking, because it’s just become available.

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We hope they didn’t change too much. Highlights of the system include an advanced search that goes for the typical artist name, genre, etc., but also adds in some unique fields such as liner notes and album reviews.

The 17-inch touchscreen is real pretty too — and looks very easy to operate. Want Bonnie Raitt? Just touch her face!

Available in storage capacities ranging from 1 to 3TB, the system can deliver audio to up to 32 zones. Additional 7-inch touchscreen remotes are also available for access from anywhere in the house.

For $12,000, it stores about 2,500 albums. As the storage goes up, so does the price.


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