Sooloos Ensemble System Manages Music in Style

Sooloos has put together its components for a complete hardware and interface solution, the Ensemble System, for $7,900 that can hold 2,400 full albums.

sooloos controlone

Sooloos' Control:One 17-inch touchscreen

Got a ridiculously large music collection and looking for a way to store and manage it — and control it with a sweet interface?

You might want to take a peek at Sooloos, which announced today that its impressive Sooloos Ensemble System has been lowered to $7,900.

The Ensemble System is a change from what Sooloos has previously done in offering separate and costlier components for storing and playing your tunes. This one brings those components together for a single Ensemble server that can hold 2,400 albums in lossless FLAC files and 192 kbps MP3 files — so you can play them on your stereo or portable device.

The kicker to the system is the stunning 17-inch Sooloos Control: One touchscreen that shows off all your album metadata, including the cover art, and lets you manage and select music without a keyboard or remote. If you do want to use a remote and happen to have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can control it that way as well — plus it can be incorporated into other third-party control systems.

You can back up your system to a computer through a one-touch PC-based application, and you can also load files to your Ensemble System via the PC. Then you can take those 2,000-plus CDs and store them somewhere else for safekeeping.


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