SoftKinetic Demos Gesture Recognition on a PC

A pro kit will soon ship to developers interested in adding gesture-based experiences.


It’s sort of surprising how game consoles and HDTVs are getting all of the gesture recognition features. How about a little love for the PC? A company named SoftKinetic is sharing the wealth of gesture recognition technology, thanks to its DepthSense 325 product.

The DepthSense 325 (DS325) is a pocket-sized camera that is designed to change the way people interact with PCs. The teeny unit can actually see gestures as close as 4 inches and has a high-res depth sensor for wider views. Other features include 3D (depth) support, high-definition 2D (color), and two microphones.

Integrating that camera could mean great things for PC users — gamers, anyway. At least that’s what they are showing in the demo video below. Gamers get all of the goodies! However, the company says that the DS325 could also be used for video conferencing and “other immersive PC applications.” PC-based home control, perhaps? Take a peek at the video and see what comes to mind.

At this point, anything seems up for grabs, since the DS325 Professional Kit will be available for developers tweak on. The pre-orders for that are up now for $249, with SoftKinetic planning to ship in the coming weeks. [via Engadget]


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