SmartMow Robotic Lawn Mower Launches on Kickstarter

The campaign has another 18 days to meet its $14,000 goal.


Most of you out there have probably started that seasonal ritual of mowing the lawn. Maybe you’re waiting to the point where your lawn completely camouflages your house. Maybe you’re waiting for something like the SmartMow Racer robotic lawn mower.

The SmartMow Racer is a new robotic helper designed to mow just about any sized lawn. The hook on this one over the many other mower robots currently on the market is that it’s specifically designed for safe use around children.

Of course, we don’t recommend sticking your hand by the mower blades to test it out. However, it does feature proximity detection technology and a cutting system that should shut down the mower instantly if it gets too close to people or pets.

Designed to deliver up to 4 hours of mowing time on a 45-minute charge, the SmartMow also has a front-wheel drive system, GPS, and Li-Ion batteries.

At last peek, the people behind the SmartMow had sold 300 units since the product first launched in 2007. Since then, the company has upgraded the technology and the actual unit. Currently, the company is using CAD and 3D printing to make the SmartMow Racer happen on a larger scale. Of course, they need an actual 3D printer, and have started a Kickstarter Campaign to fund that.

Take a peek at some of the technology in the video below. Then, if you want to get in on the ground floor of SmartMow, the company has another 18 days to meet its $14,000 goal.


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