SmartLabs Adds Insteon FanLinc Fan and Light Controller

The new SmartLabs product can add the option of ceiling fan control for under $80.


If there’s one thing you don’t want to have to mess with, it’s the ceiling fan. It’s so high up, and the switch is so far away! SmartLabs wants to make those tweaks much easier with its upcoming FanLinc product.

FanLinc is the latest addition to the company’s Insteon wireless control line. Just add this little device inside an existing ceiling fan’s cowling, and you can remotely control that fan from a variety of Insteon controllers, including a remote, keypad or smartphone.

Four fan speeds are available: high, medium, low and off. It also has a 300-watt dimmer, so you can control the lighting inside that fan fixture.

“Many ceiling fans are retrofits, leaving the homeowner with limited control,” comments Mike Scharnagl, director of marketing at SmartLabs. “FanLinc provides the homeowner with many different ways to control and automate their fans. For example, when combined with an INSTEON thermostat, ceiling fans throughout the home could automatically begin spinning when the furnace turns on, thus helping circulate hot air and reducing furnace run time.”

Expect the FanLinc to be added to the Insteon product family starting this February. Look for it on the Smarthome website for $79.99.


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