Smarthome Debuts INSTEON OutletLinc Dimmer

The company says that the new product is the world's first remote controllable dimmable receptacle.


Smarthome just announced an addition to its INSTEON line. Even better, the company says that the new OutletLinc dimmer is the world’s first remote controllable dimmable receptacle — and who are we to argue?

Designed as an alternative to the popular OutletLinc Relay, the product can be controlled by both powerline and radio frequency (RF) INSTEON controllers. It can also double as an Access Point, to relay RF and powerline signals to other INSTEON-compatible devices.

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Because the product is dual-band, Smarthome says it’s more reliable. It’s also extremely easy to use, in place of any wall receptacle. Slowly turn the light on, preset dimming to 32 different brightness levels, or just turn the light on and off.

Controlling incandescent loads up to 300 watts, the OutletLinc Dimmer also features a standard (always on) outlet rated up to 15 amps. Other features include overheating protection and tamper resistant outlets.

The OutletLinc Dimmer is currently available for pre-order, starting at $59.99. It should start shipping next month.


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