Smarthome Debuts 3 RemoteLinc Insteon Products

Three new products and their accessories have joined the popular line of wireless controllers.


Smarthome has added three new Insteon products to its popular RemoteLinc line. The RemoteLinc 2 Switch, RemoteLinc 2 Keypad 4 Scene, and RemoteLinc 2 Keypad 8 Scene are currently available for pre-order.

The RemoteLinc 2 Switch ($42.99) allows for control of Insteon dimmers, switches and plug-in or receptacle dimmers. It looks like your regular old light switch. Tap the top to turn lights on, and the bottom to turn them off. However, when you hold the switch, it can dim that same receptacle. It can also be programmed as a 2-scene controller.

Both the 4-scene and 8-scene versions of the RemoteLinc 2 Keypad ($44.99 each) allow users to control dimmers and switches, via a multi-button keypad. That 4-scene model can control four separate lights or scenes, with on/off capabilities. The 8-scene version operates the same way, doing eight lights or scenes.

Smarthome says that all three of the new products can be used as either a handheld remote control, a tabletop control, from the car, or as an additional wall switch. Additional accessories are available (like a tabletop stand or car visor clip) to make those options a little easier.

Since these products fall under the Insteon umbrella, there’s no need for additional wiring. Each one communicates via radio frequency (RF) signals, and operates via a rechargeable lithium battery.

Smarthome says that all three products should ship by the end of this month.


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