Skydog Can Put a Muzzle on Home Network Use

The cloud-based system allows you to control connectivity in the home.


We’re all becoming insanely dependent on the Internet. It’s used at home, at work, and even on beaches where you should be staring at the sand instead of your smartphone. Now PowerCloud Systems wants to help you and your family curb some of that web use with a product called Skydog.

Skydog is an actual router that you hook up to your home network. However, the real hook — as in, the one that makes this something other than a typical router — is the product’s associated cloud-based platform. Once the Skydog is connected to your setup, you can monitor the home’s networking usage from any smartphone, tablet or PC, and put the kibosh on it whenever you see fit. Kids not supposed to be surfing the web all day? Let the Skydog loose on them!

Promising an insanely easy setup, the Skydog can let you see who is online, what devices are being used, what websites are being accessed, and how much bandwidth is being used. It can even send text alerts if specific issues come up, such as someone new trying to access the network.

Skydog also allows the administrator (that’s you) to set time limits on specific websites, as well as set access for certain users and devices.

“Skydog redefines how consumers view and make use of their home networks,” said Jeff Abramowitz, founder and CEO of PowerCloud Systems. “Our beta users have found that Skydog’s real-time visibility, management capabilities, and unparalleled ease-of-use enables them to save time, avoid frustration, and improve the performance of their connected home.”

PowerCloud Systems has launched the Skydog on Kickstarter, with plans to ship the first products in May 2013. At last peek, the $79 Super Early Bird packages were all gone. That includes one certified, pilot-production dual-band wireless-N gigabit router and a beta-version of the Skydog application, as well as free access to the commercial release of the Skydog app and future updates. The second production run, which will ship by August 2013, has the actual final release of the product starting at $99.


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