SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell is Your Front Door Security System

The SkyBell Version 2.0 door security system features a camera, WiFi and smartphone or tablet app.

Need to see what’s lurking behind your front door? For a while now, Skybell has been providing that peek from almost anywhere, via a smartphone or tablet. However, now they want to do it a little bit better.

The company offers SkyBell Version 2.0, a new version of the WiFi video doorbell that lets you answer the front door from almost any mobile device. This latest version promises better WiFi performance thanks to a new chip. That same chip can deliver digital door chime capability and enhanced memory for faster performance.

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Other enhancements to the Wifi door security system include a new wide-angle camera, an enhanced motion sensor, and customization of contrast and backlighting options for a higher visual quality.

The company is also planning to add a timer soon, so users can schedule when to have the motion sensor active. At some point, server recording and activity history will also be available, although no timeline has been announced yet.

“We’re very passionate about creating useful technology that improves everyday life and empowers people with a new level of convenience and control,” said Andrew Thomas, co-founder of SkyBell. “We’re proud to roll out SkyBell Version 2.0, to give consumers new advanced, essential features that will elevate the quality of their Skybell experience while giving users a new feeling of safety with answering the door.”

SkyBell Version 2.0 is selling now in brushed aluminum and oil rubbed bronze finishes. There are no monthly fees, but the actual doorbell has an MSRP of $199. Available on Amazon.

  • I’ve had one of these since its early days on Indiegogo. It has performed so poorly that the company has repeatedly replaced it with the latest model over and over. I have to say that I wish I was more satisfied, but its quirks continue to make this a less than desirable piece of my “home security” mix. It was only last week that someone came to my door, rang the Skybell and it took me 90 seconds to just answer it. In the meantime this person continued from my front door to my backyard and began taking pictures (as I saw from live video from my live cameras.) Luckily it was just an insurance person but it still made me worried enough to know that I wouldn’t respond to a real burglar fast enough. This is a typical scenario for me too.


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