Simplehomenet Transceiver Simplifies Your Home Controls

The Insteon-compatible EZX10RF all-house transceiver from Simplehomenet will rebroadcast and group commands from devices such as remote controls and motion sensors to an Insteon system.

Simplehomenet transceiver

Simplehomenet's EZX10RF transceiver

Simplehomenet is striving to live up to its name — making your home control networks simplified and integrated into cohesive systems. One way is through its EZX10RF all-house transceiver and its Insteon compatibility.

The EZX10RF device can rebroadcast X10 commands over the power line and convert them to Insteon message. In this capacity, it can trigger events in an Insteon home automation network as group commands, from X10 messages like on, off, bright, dim, all on, all off, etc.

Common X10 transmitters falling under this control might be remote controls, motion sensors, driveway alerts, panic buttons and such, making the EZX10RF a nice single-package solution for combining those RF X10 devices with an Insteon system. It can learn codes of up to 20 X10 RF devices and associate them to Insteon groups.

The transceiver features a sensitive receiver and built-in antenna to work in long ranges (up to 200 feet) for those X10 devices, the company says. You can also set an optional timer to a half or up to 15.5 minutes that automatically sends the off signal.

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