Sherbourn Acquired by OEM Maker Jade Design

Planned Control4 integrated products will now be Sherbourn branded.


Jade Design, a company primarily in the OEM/ODM business of making electronics for other brands, announced that it has acquired one of its former business partners, the performance audio company Sherbourn.

Dan Laufman, president of Jade Design, explained that the two companies had already had a working OEM relationship when the opportunity came along. Jade had announced plans to enter the CEDIA market with a line of receivers and preamps with integrated Control4 processors under the Emotiva Professional brand. Shortly after this announcement, Laufman was contacted by Ron Fone (ex-president and owner of Sherbourn, who will continue with the company as director of sales) about an opportunity to acquire the company, and a deal was struck. “Sherbourn has a great reputation and was in great shape, so we decided to take the technology from Emotiva Professional products and develop them in Sherbourn,” said Laufman.

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“Sherbourn is a strong brand a good record of reliability. The company was doing well. One of the things that I liked about the Sherbourn opportunity is that the key members of the team are staying with us, and that provides a level of continuity, and it’s a reflection of the fact that it’s a very happy marriage of the two companies,” explained Laufman.

The transition will take place very quickly. The Sherbourn team will begin moving over to Jade immediately after CES. By the end of January all operations will be conducted in Jade’s Franklin, Tenn., headquarters.

The change in branding only affects the Emotiva Professional line. Jade’s direct-to-consumer line, Emotiva, will continue. Later this year the Sherbourn product line will be expanded to include both in-wall and freestanding speakers and subwoofers as well CD and Blu-ray players. “By mid- to end 2011 you’ll be able to spec Sherbourn in an end-to-end home theater audio system,” said Laufman.

The biggest launch of the year will be the Sherbourn-branded Control4 products. “We’ll be the first company to implement it,” said Jade director of OEM/ODM design Fred Hartman. The receivers and processors will include a bay for receiving a Control4 module. “This lets you use our receiver as the core of the home automation system. It seemed a great way of combing two great technologies together, a high performance audio system and Control4,” Hartman explained. Without the module the units can still be used as traditional audio components and integrated into other control systems.

Sherbourn products are currently available through about 400 dealers worldwide.

Laufman noted that he plans to end Jade’s OEM business by the end of next year. He also said that while the proposed Emotiva Professional products will now wear a Sherbourn badge, the Emotiva Professional brand may yet be launched in another form.


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