Sensory Receives Voice Recognition Patent

Sensory, Inc.'s patent for voice recognition over a network could have practical application in the home.

Sensory Inc

Voice Recognition is one of those technologies that I keep an eye on. Recently I posted about Sensory, Inc.’s latest integrated circuit for use in products using this technology, and also about the home control application HomeZIX adding voice control capabilities. Judging by some of the comments I’ve received on the posts, I gather many of readers follow progress in this field as well.

Small wonder that I should find myself writing about the latest from Sensory, Inc. The company just received a patent (their third) for their latest technological advancements in the voice recognition field, which apparently will allow a series of voice recognition tasks in which the primary recognized dialogue determines subsequent dialogues, or something like that. I’m not a voice recognition expert, but it sounds a little bit like when you get the automated customer service, where pressing “1” gives you options “a,” “b,” and “c,”, and so on. Hey, if it makes the voice activated dialing feature in cell phones work, I’m all for it.

Check out Sensory, Inc.’s Web site for the whole scoop on their newest patent.

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